• 14+
  • 83 min
  • 2016
  • Canada
  • English/Zulu/Afrikaans
  • Directed by Austin Andrews,
  • Directed by Andrew Holmes
  • Daniel Janks,
  • Chad Krowchuk,
  • Jonathan Pienaar

Rival journalists Samuel and Vincent wait outside a suburban house for a woman who is said to have had an affair with a government minister. Photographer Clive is with them, there to get a photo of the girl. Unfortunately, they don't know if this is the right house, or, indeed, whether this is the right girl. And with Samuel being told by his editors that he's not to come back until he has a story, and Vincent and Clive being told that they have to stay until Samuel leaves, the trio settle in for what promises to be a long wait. At which point they decide that they could just as easily make the story up...


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