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Nostalgic Nanoose Bay

Meet me on the Shores – Nostalgic Nanoose Bay

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Desiree D


The community of Nanoose Bay contains the smallest population of the filming tour locations, but for Chessies it holds the heart of the show, the O’Brien Family Home.

Where is Nanoose Bay?
Nanoose Bay is located along the east coast of Vancouver Island in the province of British Columbia. It is roughly 13km southeast of Parksville or 24km northwest of Nanaimo.

O’Brien Family Home
Home is where the heart is, and this beautiful Nantucket-style home has certainly captured the hearts of the Chessies. A common gathering place for the O’Briens on-screen, this incredible seaside dwelling was built around an old cabin where the original and current owners raised their kids. The fireplace is extra special, as the children of both families grew up with this as a central feature. When not in use for filming, you can get the full O’Brien experience by contacting the owners to rent the house during your stay on the island. While this captivating location is owned privately and not accessible to the public, you can get sneak-peeks and updates on the property by following their Instagram account noted below.

Fairwinds Marina at Schooner Cove, Nanoose Bay
Many stories of the O’Briens include spending time in the seaside marina or on the water. While driving through Nanoose Bay, soak in the unending ocean views and let your mind sail away while reminiscing about memories from the Shores.

The Chesapeake Shores’ filming locations tour would be incomplete without a conversation with the inspiration behind the family and stories that Chessies have come to love. You do not want to miss it. A sneak peek from next week…