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Friendship and Fun with Kadence Kendall Roach

Friendship and Fun with Kadence Kendall Roach

Friday, May 10, 2019

BY Desiree D


Anna Hayford has been a prominent member of Mrs. Thornton’s class from the very start. As a child of Coal Valley and later Hope Valley, Anna has been part of it all, while teaching us the value of friendship and the importance of fun. Portrayed by actress Kadence Kendall Roach, Anna has assisted others in overcoming their challenges and finding their place in this growing town. When Hattie first arrived, she resented Anna, but eventually the duo formed a formidable friendship. Together they encouraged Elizabeth to choose Ruby to play Mary in the Christmas pageant, demonstrating that kindness is a gift that keeps on giving.

Kadence is a delightful and talented young lady with a number of credits to her name. She has been an asset to Hope Valley and her bright smile and bubbly personality are a joy on and off the screen. Viewers can relate to Anna’s leadership and authenticity because of the way Kadence connects so deeply with her character. Kadence offered more insight into growing up on WCTH, the friendships formed, and the fun within it all.

SC: You have played Anna Hayford since the very first episode. Can you share what it is like to be able to grow with your character over these six seasons?

KKR: Having started the show when I was 7 and still being a part of the WCTH family at age 13 has been a blessing. I feel that I have pretty much grown up on the show, and that I have grown up with the amazing kids I get to work with. The life lessons I have learnt from my character affect my personal life, and I have become a better person from those lessons.

SC: In your opinion, how has Hope Valley changed from season one until now?

KKR: Well for starters the town has grown so much! There are more and more buildings. Also, the people. The community has grown so much. There is more and more love in Hope Valley every day.

SC: When thinking of all six seasons, can you recall your favourite scene to film? Why is it your favourite?

KKR: The very first time Anna’s mom was shown in the show. That is definitely my favourite scene I filmed. My mom had never been shown before! [Sheri Rabold played Anna’s mom Bertha Hayford].

SC: Which scene challenged you the most as an actress?

KKR: The church fire was very challenging. It had been something completely new to me. And I wasn't sure I would have to react to it all, and I wasn't sure how it would all happen until they explained it to us.

SC: If you could switch places with one other character for the day, who would you want to be? Who would you want to play Anna?

KKR: I would want to trade with one of the men's characters. Probably Lee. Just to see how it would be to be a businessman, and how he deals with Rosemary. I would want Genea to play Anna to see how she would portray her.

SC: Are there any actors on When Calls the Heart that you would like to have a scene with, or have more scenes with?

KKR: Pascale (Rosemary) for sure! I love her character so much and would love to spend more time with her character.

SC: If you could have one item from set or from anyone’s wardrobe, what item would you choose and why?

KKR: I would keep the typewriter Jack bought because it would be such a good memory of the school and of Jack.

SC: If you could write Anna’s script for future seasons, what would you want to happen with her story?

KKR: I would have Anna get more involved with the town and help out with the community. But I would want her to go see and explore Elizabeth’s hometown too.

SC: What would be your dream role as an actress?

KKR: My dream would be a leading role in a comedy series.

SC: If Anna was to write you a letter from the 1900s, what do you think she would say, or what advice would she give?

KKR: I think she would tell me to always stay true to myself, to fight for what I believe in, and when I have a passion to never ever give up on it.

SC: Who is the person you look up to the most?

KKR: My mom. She had a dream to be a nurse and never gave up on that dream. I aspire to be like her every day.

SC: Do you have any upcoming projects that we can keep an eye out for?

KKR: A TV series I did in April 2018 and in November 2018 comes out this month (May)! I only am in the 2nd season, which airs May 23rd in Europe and I believe will be out in the United States soon too. It is called Riviera, starring Julia Stiles. I play the young Julia Stiles, also known as Georgina.

SC: What are your favourite activities or interests when you are not on set?

KKR: I love going snowboarding, going on hikes, baking, reading, and cleaning.

SC: Is there anything else about your time on WCTH that you would like to share?

KKR: It is all about the time I get to spend with these people. Getting to know them more and more every day.

SC: How would you describe the Hearties? What does a fanbase like the Hearties mean to you?

KKR: The Hearties are so loving and supportive! The Hearties mean so much to me. It is so amazing that they love a show so much. It is so amazing to have fans like them.

SC: If some of the younger Hearties were to visit British Columbia with their families, where would you suggest that they go?

KKR: The Vancouver Aquarium for sure, and if it is nice out go to White Rock beach. It is so beautiful there!

SC: As Coal Valley has grown into Hope Valley, there have been a number of changes in this complex little town. Anna Hayford’s presence is a joyful reminder of the memories made, challenges that have been overcome, and the growth of individuals and their characters over the past six seasons. With another season on the way, there is a lot of hope for the future and Hope Valley kids like Anna will no doubt continue to play an important role on the series. Be sure to follow Kadence on social media so you can continue to watch this talented actress bring joy to the screen, dream for the future and share in her friendships and fun along the way.

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