• PG
  • 88 min
  • 2013
  • USA
  • English
  • Directed by Roger M. Bobb
  • Kali Hawk,
  • Darrin Dewitt Henson

Jazmin "Jazz" Welles is a confident, educated woman who thought her path in life was all laid out in front of her. But when she loses her job, and her longtime aspiring artist fiance decides they need to take a six-month break from each other before getting married, Jazz loses direction. With her life in turmoil, Jazz is forced to move in with her sister and brother-in-law and throws herself into endless activities in an attempt to find herself. While volunteering at an adult literacy program at a local community center, she meets a fellow volunteer, the handsome attorney, Kwame. As the two teachers guide each student toward individual success, they find themselves personally inspired and drawn into an unlikely friendship that surprisingly blossoms.


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