Trailer Episodes
  • PG
  • 30 min
  • 2020
  • Canada
  • English
  • Directed by Daniel Oron

    Surrounded by an invisible sphere of infinite data, our understanding of the universe depends on signals sent and received. But once in a while a strange phenomenon occurs; a faulty message, or a literal blip on a screen. What are these unknown signals? And what could they mean? In a reality where we feel completely comfortable with our mastery of data - analog or digital - what should we think when what we've seen or heard has no known origin and no clear meaning? From a suspected cosmonaut's last communication, to a mysterious cry for help over a radio, to an unexplained ghost in the radar weather over Kentucky, to a floating city in the clouds; these tantalizing mysteries come from all corners of the cosmos to alert us to what might really be out there.


    • E3 Oct 21 @ 6:50AM

    • E3 Oct 21 @ 1:00PM

    • E4 Oct 28 @ 6:50AM

    • E4 Oct 28 @ 1:00PM

    • E5 Nov 04 @ 7:00AM

    • E5 Nov 04 @ 11:45AM

    • E6 Nov 11 @ 6:50AM

    • E6 Nov 11 @ 12:50PM