• 14+
  • 86 min
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  • Canada
  • English

    Debra is a young Korean sex worker who's always lived at the mercy of men. She struggles with her role as a mother to her precocious and quirky daughter Mona, while trying to better herself by taking accounting courses and keep track of her gambler boyfriend, the Sarge. He's the baby daddy and the love of Debra and Mona's life. When her daughter is caught snooping around the strip club, Debra is fired and has to find a way to make up her late rent. And then, the Sarge disappears and Debra and Mona's life explodes in chaos.

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    Queen of the Morning Calm will be preceded by the short films Age of Dysphoria and Swimmers.


    • May 29 @ 9:00PM

    • May 30 @ 12:00AM