• 14+
  • 74 min
  • 2020
  • Canada
  • English
  • Directed by Steve Markle
  • Kate Kelton,
  • Steve Markle,
  • Erin Wotherspoon

After a failed marriage proposal, heartbroken filmmaker Steve Markle heads to L.A. to shoot a doc about Kate, a gifted artist and crush from his past. Suddenly Steve realizes he's found the perfect way to meet women: ask them to be in his documentary! Hopping from city to city, Steve stumbles through interviews with dozens of intriguing women. What transpires is a hilarious and often poignant real-life romantic comedy about a filmmaker intent on finding love.

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Shoot to Marry will be preceded by the short films Everyone's Leaving Us and Tips.


  • Jun 06 @ 9:00PM

  • Jun 07 @ 12:00AM