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Child protective services officer Alison and police officer Brock are both sworn to protect children, so when a lost infant shows up in the local church's nativity scene, they're both on the case. The pair don't exactly gel right away, they're both take-charge personalities and neither of them wants to let anything get in the way of the baby's safe return home. This leads to tension between the two officers, but also internal tension. Alison will stop at nothing to keep the baby safe, but we learn she's having doubts about whether she's ready for kids of her own. Brock is also passionate about the case, but seems to be holding onto a secret from his past. Between butting heads, and with a little advice from a helpful minister, the pair learn plenty about each other, themselves, family, and the complicated bond between parent and child. Can a miracle baby from a broken home bring this community together?

  • PG
  • 80 min
  • 2019
  • Canada
  • English
  • Directed by Justin G. Dyck
  • Monica Knox,
  • Michael Morrone,
  • Caylin Turner


  • Dec 10@ 6:30AM | Heart & Home
  • Dec 10@ 5:00PM | Heart & Home
  • Dec 11@ 12:30AM | Heart & Home
  • Dec 15@ 7:35AM | Heart & Home
  • Dec 15@ 6:30PM | Heart & Home
  • Dec 16@ 5:00AM | Heart & Home
  • Dec 25@ 2:05AM | Heart & Home


Available On Demand Nov 16 2019 - Oct 31 2021

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