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Tanya Harsin is miserable at her latest job defending Daisy, the daughter of Jim Thompson, a Texas mogul. Tanya has been hired to protect Daisy, who has been receiving death threats weeks before her wedding. Harsin struggles to blend in with the bubbly, girly bridesmaids; this is not her typical assignment. Between the aunt who is depleting the family scholarship fund, the playboy cousin with an inheritance at stake, a very angry business partner, and the groom with a wandering eye, almost everyone at the wedding is a legitimate suspect, and this undercover bridesmaid must not lose control of her mission. But will Tanya manage to protect the bride when she's distracted by a handsome friend of the groom?

  • PG
  • 87 min
  • 2012
  • USA
  • English
  • Directed by Matthew Diamond
  • Brooke Burns,
  • Gregory Harrison,
  • Nicole Paggi


  • May 22@ 6:00AM | Heart & Home
  • May 22@ 11:00AM | Heart & Home
  • May 22@ 9:30PM | Heart & Home
  • Jun 10@ 3:30PM | Heart & Home
  • Jun 10@ 9:30PM | Heart & Home
  • Jun 18@ 6:30PM | Heart & Home


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