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Haley Hanson puts her job as an advertising executive first, middle and last, with no time left over for her personal life, even during the holidays. So when she discovers that Tyler Toys, a huge prospective client, is looking for a new agency to represent them, she couldn't be more excited to put together the pitch. Haley's boss, however, worries that she won't understand how to meet the needs of a traditional toy company and threatens to take the account away unless Haley heads to Christmas Camp at Holly Peak Inn. Disconnected from her cell phone, Haley now must learn to take a breath, bond with her fellow campers, including the owner's handsome son Jeff, and give in to a picturesque retreat aimed at restoring Christmas cheer in all who attend. While the idea of completing the camp seems like just another job to her at first, Haley soon begins to discover that Christmas Camp is about so much more than what she originally thought, it's about remembering the importance of love, friendship and family, the things that make the holiday season truly special.

  • PG
  • 82 min
  • 2018
  • USA
  • English
  • Directed by Jeff Fisher
  • Bobby Campo,
  • Lily Anne Harrison,
  • John James


  • Nov 07@ 5:00PM | Heart & Home
  • Nov 07@ 9:30PM | Heart & Home
  • Nov 18@ 2:00PM | Heart & Home
  • Nov 18@ 8:00PM | Heart & Home


Available On Demand Dec 20 2018 - Nov 30 2022

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