• 14+
  • 113 min
  • 1999
  • USA
  • English/German/Polish/French
  • Directed by John McTiernan
  • Pierce Brosnan,
  • Faye Dunaway,
  • Frankie Faison,
  • Ben Gazzara,
  • Denis Leary,
  • Rene Russo

Thrill-seeking billionaire Thomas Crown loves nothing more than courting disaster and winning. So when his world becomes too stiflingly safe, he pulls off his boldest stunt ever: stealing a priceless painting in broad daylight from one of Manhattan's most heavily guarded museums. His post-heist excitement soon pales beside an even greater challenge: Catherine Banning, a beautiful insurance investigator hired to retrieve the artwork. And just when Thomas realizes he's finally met his match, she skillfully leads him into a daring game of cat and mouse.