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Chasing Evel explores the life of Robbie Knievel and the epic father and son relationship between two of the most decorated daredevils of all time. Today, he's 54, body broken from years of abuse, but Robbie is sober now for the first time since he was 12. He didn't just follow his father's daredeviltry, he also followed his legendary partying. However Robbie is cleaning up after yet another brush with the law. But this time it's for real. His doctor has told him he's going to die if he continues to drink. The law says he may go to jail . His friends and family say if he turns back to the bottle, they don't know if they'll see him alive again. The only way out is to do what he knows best. To jump again.

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  • 14A
  • 112 min
  • 2017
  • Canada
  • English
  • Directed by Jesse James Miller
  • Bob Einstein,
  • Robbie Knievel


  • Feb 26@ 7:35AM | Fuse
  • Feb 26@ 5:30PM | Fuse
  • Mar 05@ 8:00AM | Fuse
  • Mar 06@ 4:30AM | Fuse
  • Mar 18@ 6:05AM | Fuse
  • Mar 18@ 7:00PM | Fuse
  • Mar 27@ 7:35AM | Fuse
  • Mar 27@ 3:30PM | Fuse


Available On Demand Oct 03 2017 - Mar 31 2019

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