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Meet me on the Shores – Quaint Qualicum Beach

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Desiree D


The sweet little town of Qualicum Beach is home to many filming locations Chessies will enjoy, including some of the most recognizable sites such as Sally’s, and Nell’s cherished fountain. With plenty of delightful places to discover, be sure to give yourself ample time to explore.

Where is Qualicum Beach?
Qualicum Beach is located along the eastern shore of Vancouver Island in the province of British Columbia. It is around 13km from Parksville or just under 42km northwest of Nanaimo.

Where to begin? Qualicum Beach Visitor Centre
The Qualicum Beach Visitor Centre is recommended as your first stop. The friendly folks who work there can offer you pamphlets on additional activities to enjoy, or extra information about the area.

While touring through Qualicum Beach, or anywhere on the Island, be sure to let the citizens know that you are there because of this beloved series. One of the best parts of experiencing this Chesapeake Shores/Vancouver Island location treasure hunt was hearing stories from the locals.

Milner Gardens
If you choose to venture through Milner Gardens, be prepared to spend a considerable amount of time there, enjoying the acres of diverse trees and flowers, along with stunning seaside views. While the treehouse from Season One was dismantled after those scenes, you might still recognize where it was located. One employee shared her experience of working at Milner during filming, which was an added bonus to our visit there. This enchanting escape is located 2km outside of Qualicum Beach.

Crown Mansion Boutique Hotel
Located at 292 East Crescent Road, the stunning Crown Mansion Boutique Hotel is the on screen home of the Baltimore Law Offices and is one option as your home-away-from-home, while you are in the area.

One visible sign of Chesapeake Shores in Qualicum Beach is the Chesapeake Shores Seafood Packing CO mural, located at the rear of the building at 673 Fir Street.

Qualicum Beach Fire Department
Being mindful that the Qualicum Beach Fire Department is a real fire hall, it is worth driving by 130 Rupert Road East to see the filming location of the Chesapeake Shores Fire Department. Several scenes have taken place at this site, focusing on the relationship between Kevin and Sarah.

Bailey’s in the Village Cafe
Situated next to the beautiful fountain courtyard in front of the town hall, you will find Bailey’s in the Village Cafe at 670 Primrose Street. There are numerous scenes that take place at this location, including stories involving Nell’s fountain and the “beloved” mayor, as well as the market where Kevin and Sarah debate about eggplant.

Smithford’s Gifts
Walking around Qualicum Beach will certainly feel as though you are strolling in Chesapeake Shores. Another must stop is Smithford’s Gifts, which acts as the Chesapeake Shores Flower Shop. With work by artists and unique local treasures, it is the perfect place to pick up a souvenir or two. Smithford’s was one of the few places where the show’s presence was evident with a cast and crew loyalty card sign in the window. Visit their shop at 164 2nd Avenue West.

Leigh House
No Chesapeake Shores tour is complete without a visit to Sally’s Café, at 124 2nd Avenue West, only a short walk from Smithford’s Gifts. Known as Leigh House to locals and also historically called The Thrall Residence, this heritage building in downtown Qualicum Beach is one of the most recognized filming locations in the Chesapeake Shores series.

Gary’s Bistro
While not officially part of the Chesapeake Shores’ filming tour, Gary’s Bistro would be a highlight for any Hallmark husband. With a focus on classic cars and an old school atmosphere, it is the perfect stop along the way for a delicious meal. Gary’s Bistro is across the street from Leigh House at 115 2nd Avenue West and can be seen in the background of this picture with Bree.

Little Qualicum Falls
As an added adventure, ensure that Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park is part of your trip. This favourite destination is around 13km from Qualicum Beach, boasting incredible waterfalls and scenic trails.

The Chesapeake Shores’ filming locations virtual tour would not be complete without this next stop. Stay tuned. Here is a hint…