Second season of diamond-trade drama, ICE, starring Cam Gigandet and Jeremy Sisto, returns to Super Channel | Super Channel


Second season of diamond-trade drama, ICE, starring Cam Gigandet and Jeremy Sisto, returns to Super Channel

03 / 13 / 2018

Monday, April 2 at 9 p.m. ET
Free preview of first episode of second season available on beginning March 29

EDMONTON (March 13, 2018) – Super Channel is pleased to announce that the high-impact, serialized crime drama, ICE, from Entertainment One (eOne) will return for a second intense season on Monday, April 2 at 9 p.m. ET (SC1). Each episode of the ten-episode season, will also be available to viewers on Super Channel On Demand the day following its linear broadcast. Viewers can also catch up on all of season one, currently available on Super Channel On Demand.

In addition, a free preview of the second season premiere episode will be available to subscribers and non-subscribers alike, beginning Thursday, March 29 at 10 p.m. ET and be available until the premiere.

The second season of ICE, shot in Vancouver and South Africa, begins in the aftermath of Green & Green’s closure. With both their finances and their reputations in shambles, Jake (Cam Gigandet, The O.C., Twilight) and Freddy (Jeremy Sisto, Six Feet Under) must find a way to rebuild – and to redeem themselves. The discovery of a magnificent rough diamond brings the promise of both and could put the Green brothers back on top. But when Jake forces Freddy to tap into his inner demons in order to cut the stone, a chasm begins to form between the brothers. A vicious war with Cam (Ray Winstone, The Departed) and the ultimate showdown with Lady Rah (Judith Shekoni, Heroes Reborn, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn) increases the gap, threatening to drive the brothers apart forever.

Meanwhile, a personal tragedy drives Lady Rah to wage war on the diamond industry – from the inside. She’s determined to destroy the powerful corporate Syndicate and establish herself as reigning Queen of the diamond trade.

Ostracized from the family last season, Cam vows to bring down Jake and Freddy, permanently – no matter what the cost. He reverts back to his East London roots, and joins forces with his estranged son Malcolm (Ashley Thomas, 24: Legacy) to navigate the dangerous and extremely lucrative underworld of blood diamonds. Cam isn’t the only one reconnecting with his past. Ava (Audrey Marie Anderson, Arrow) is determined to forge her own way in the diamond industry and provide a better life for her daughter and herself, even if it means making a deal with the one person she swore she’d never ask for help… her own mother (Amy Madigan, Gone Baby Gone, Grey’s Anatomy).

Willow (Jocelyn Hudon, The Strain) gets to know the grandmother she’s been estranged from and develops her first romantic interest, with surprising consequences. And there’s a new player on the board – one with the potential to out manoeuvre all of them.

Showrunner Ed Bernero (Criminal Minds, Third Watch, and Crossing Lines) directs the first two episodes and serves as executive producer for ICE.