We're 10!

We Just Turned 10!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

By Craig T. Miller


On November 2, we celebrate 10 years of Super Channel Part Deux. You may not realize that there is a relationship between the Super Channel that launched in 1983 and the Super Channel that launched in 2007. The Allard family of Edmonton were the original owners of Super Channel and received the license in 2006 to launch a new national pay television service.

On June 11, 2007 a group of us walked into familiar settings, as we all had been with the original Super Channel, and hit the ground running, setting up our new operations center. It was decided we would have our Master Control in Toronto but we would be creating electronic files in Edmonton that would run on our service.

Equipment was purchased and we began the process of putting our quality control suites together. Who would have thought that 10 years later the technology would advance so far that the equipment and technology used in 2007 would be obsolete in 2017?!

In 2008 we launched our first video-on-demand offerings and since then we have been adding to the number of cable companies we supply to, as well as the amount of content we offer. We have seen a big change in the way people watch TV over this time. Viewers now like to watch shows when they want, which makes our VOD offerings all that more important.

In early 2017, Super Channel did some channel reformatting. In May as we rebranded our SC3 service as Super Channel Vault and started running classic blockbusters movies. This has proven to be a big hit with our viewers who like to watch favourite movies unedited and in their original glory. We also launched Ginx Esports TV Canada, Canada’s first 24/7 channel dedicated to the ever-growing esports (gaming) community.

Another popular change that has taken place recently is the introduction of “Super Channel Sports”, which has been led by the addition of LFL (Legends Football League) and the return of live boxing. We look forward to expanding that aspect of our programming.

I have worked in the TV industry for my entire career, and in Pay Television itself for many of those years, and over time, I have seen many things change, including what viewers watch, how they watch, and how we deliver TV. We have evolved from an analog tape world to a digital file based world, and I’m sure things will change even more as we move forward. I know Super Channel will continue to adapt and be here to celebrate many more successful years in the industry!

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