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Kayla Wallace

Switching Lines with Kayla Wallace

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Desiree D


Fiona Miller raised a few eyebrows from the moment she stepped off the stagecoach. Her forward approach and modern look easily stood out among the folks in Hope Valley. Despite a rather rocky start, Fiona quickly connected with the town and found her place. From party lines to hemlines, Hope Valley has been forever changed by this lively and contemporary character.

While Fiona received mixed reviews in her early appearances, Kayla Wallace was warmly welcomed on social media. Kayla’s energy and excitement had the Hearties curious about the role that she would be playing. Although Fiona is a switch from what is expected in Hope Valley, Kayla’s talented portrayal of her has connected us to a character and storyline that we couldn’t imagine the series without.

SC: You have indicated that you were familiar with When Calls the Heart but then binge watched all of the episodes after finding out you were going to be on it. When were you first aware of the Hearties fanbase? What has it been like to interact with the fans?

KW: I absolutely binge watched all of When Calls the Heart once I found out I was going to be on the show and so did my Mom and my Grandma (they are now proud Hearties!) I was not aware of how big of a following the show has and was so pleasantly surprised by all the love I received immediately from the fans.

SC: You have had several scenes with Florence in Season 6. Do you think we’ll see more of these telephone operators (or perhaps gossip gals) in Season 7?

KW: As Loretta and I refer to ourselves: #TeamRingyDingy! Us telephone operators stick together. The Fiona/Florence friendship is one of my favourites, and the Hearties can definitely look forward to some more scenes with these two together.

SC: Fiona spoke and understood French during Season 6. Do you speak French or any other languages?

KW: Fiona does speak fluent French, however, I do not. I had to learn a little French in elementary school growing up, but I have since forgotten it. It was fun to have to speak a little French as Fiona!

SC: Who is someone that you would like to work with or have more time with on screen?

KW: I would love to have more scenes with Elizabeth. Because, A: Erin is one of the kindest people I know, and B: that also means more scenes with Baby Jack.

SC: Any special skills that the fans might not know about you? Would you want to incorporate any of these into your role on When Calls the Heart?

KW: I grew up dancing and singing, and I would love if Fiona could take on either one of those skills! I really loved tap dancing and hip hop when I was younger- though I don’t think hip hop was around back in 1917.

SC: If you could give Fiona a superpower, which would you choose and why?

KW: If Fiona could have a superpower it would be time travel! She could pop into the future, maybe bring a cell phone back to Hope Valley, some modern pants for women... scandalous! ;)

SC: Being a period piece, what has surprised you most about the show?

KW: When I first joined the show, I was blown away by our set and our costumes. Our crew really goes above and beyond with all the little details- it really makes you feel like you’re in another era.

SC: If you could write a story for Fiona in Season 8+++, what direction would you want your character to take?

KW: I would love to see Fiona become even more of the successful businesswoman she is, maybe even open her own kind of business in Hope Valley! It would be nice to see Fiona fall in love too.

SC: What are some of your favourite activities or hobbies when you’re not on set?

KW: When I’m not on set, you can find me exploring the different coffee shops in the city, playing my piano, and visiting my little niece who I love with all my heart.

SC: Any favourite places to eat or visit in Vancouver?

KW: Oh where to begin with places to eat in Vancouver... some of my favourite coffee shops are Pallet Coffee and Revolver Coffee. I love the restaurants Nuba and Heirloom. I could go on...

What is so incredible about this city is having the ocean and the mountains at arm’s reach. I feel very blessed to live in such a beautiful city.

SC: What are your future aspirations? Do you want to continue acting or would you consider pursuing writing, directing or producing?

KW: I could see myself writing one day, and possibly directing. For now, I am very happy to be doing what I love: acting.

SC: Any upcoming projects that we can keep an eye out for?

KW: You can catch me on The Magicians Season 5, episode 5, and, of course, WCTH Season 7!

With only a month until When Calls the Heart rings in a new season, it was a delight to connect with Kayla and learn more about this sweet and talented actress. While waiting to see how Fiona will continue to switch things up in Hope Valley, you can find Kayla in full operation on Twitter and Instagram.

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