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State of Grace with Jocelyn Hudon

State of Grace with Jocelyn Hudon

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Desiree D


There was no way to miss the big smile of Grace Bennett as the wagon of carolers rolled into Hope Valley. She hopped off the wagon with a bounce in her step and instantly presented as bubbly and sweet. The joy that Grace brought to Hope Valley and to the children in her presence would not end there, as a whole new life would be featured in the town of Brookfield.

Jocelyn Hudon might have been a new face for the Hearties, but she is no stranger to being on camera. Not only is she a delight as an actress, but she has also brought a lot of life to social media, whether commenting on her favourite TV show or posting pictures of her adorable Goldendoodle Rupert. Even with a busy schedule, Jocelyn shone light upon her character and gave us many more reasons why this Canadian talent will continue to grace our screens.

SC: Having grown up in Canada, what are some of the things you miss most now that you live in L.A.?

JH: I miss my family of course, and my other dog Riley.

SC: When did your love of performing begin?

JH: My love of performing began when I was a kid doing ballet. We’d have recitals and performances and I would love getting ready and getting nervous and putting on the costume and performing in front of an audience.

SC: You have mentioned you were aware of When Calls the Heart prior to auditioning, but were you familiar with the Hearties fanbase prior to joining the cast?

JH: Yeah, I live near the Hallmark building in L.A. so I would see the WCTH sign all the time. NO, I had no idea there was such an amazing fanbase attached to the show!

SC: What was the experience like to return to the Hearties Family Reunion, not being there as a guest star on WCTH, but this time being able to talk about your involvement with When Hope Calls?

JH: It was really cool... I loved meeting everyone and I still keep in touch with a few of them on Instagram.

SC: You are a scuba diver and grew up as a dancer. Any other special skills that Hearties might not know about you?

JH: I taught rock climbing at camp! I ran a rock wall and a zipline.

SC: Rupert, your adorable Goldendoodle, became quite well known during your filming of When Hope Calls (& even has his own IG account). What was it like for you to have him with you while you were filming in Ontario?

JH: I was SO NERVOUS to bring him. I was a crazy dog mom at first and every break we got I would be out in the field walking him or playing with him. I’m so glad I had him though...he was the perfect partner to take on a show with. I think he brought a lot of joy to everyone else too.

SC: What would Grace want people to know about life in Brookfield?

JH: That Ronnie Stewart is HILARIOUS, and she loves working for him.

SC: As one of the few actors that works on both shows: Do you feel that Grace presents herself differently in Hope Valley than in Brookfield?

JH: Yes absolutely. In Hope Valley she’s a visitor but in Brookfield she’s at home with her kids and she feels free to be herself.

SC: Throughout When Hope Calls season one, Grace showed a lot more vulnerability and emotion. Was it challenging to step out of this character’s typically cheerful disposition? Do you prepare for scenes any differently when they are more emotional than comedic?

JH: We didn’t have a lot of time to prepare while on set (especially while most of the free time I’m taking care of Rupert), so I really had to be on top of my game, ready to cry or get emotional whenever needed. To do that I would find a quiet place while they were setting up the shot and just have a moment to myself. Grace is cheery and fun, but she also has the most complicated background. That’s where some of the darkness comes from.

SC: Is there one person that you wish that you/Grace had more time with together on screen?

JH: Ronnie (played by Neil Crone). I loved working with him. He’s hilarious and I learned a lot from him.

SC: You returned to WCTH for WCTH: Home for Christmas, how did it feel to be back in Hope Valley for this Christmas movie?

JH: We filmed that right after the two episodes of season 7 (kind of back-to-back), so I was straight WCTH for like 2 months.

SC: Having the opportunity to work with many children on WCTH and WHC, what did you learn about yourself or your acting from working with these young professionals?

JH: I love working with kids… I still am one. They put a lot less pressure on themselves. They’ll do an intense scene and then be like, “ok, where’s the candy?” They don’t overthink it.

SC: What is it like to have the Hearties rooting for #TeamChace (Chuck+Grace)?

JH: Yaaaaas we knew they would love us! Greg and I got along the best in the cast for sure, so I believe that translated to our characters.

SC: Did you have experience working with or riding horses prior to your involvement on WCTH or WHC?

JH: No, but I like winging it. Horses are like big dogs to me, so it was very natural. It turns out I’m super allergic though.

SC: From Friend to Fiance is available on Super Channel Heart & Home On Demand. Can you share more about your experiences as Jessica Parks, or your favourite moments from that set?

JH: YESSSS. From Friend to Fiance was so much fun! I loved working with Ryan, Kelly and the whole team. We had a lot of fun filming that and I drank a lot of Red Bulls. I had to drive a scooter down a gravel path with Ryan on the back of it. I always thought I’d get my motorcycle license at some point, but after driving downhill on gravel with a giant man on the back of the scooter… I’m thinking cars are the way to go for me.

SC: If you needed to have a partner for a reality show, which When Hope Calls’ character would you want as your partner and why?

JH: FRED (played by Simon Webster). I would just love to live daily life with him. I’d think we’d have a lot of adventures.

SC: While waiting to hear what is next for this adventurous and delightful actress, be sure to watch When Hope Calls season one, re-airing after each new episode of When Calls the Heart. If you want to have fun and enjoy adorable pictures gracing your newsfeed, ensure you are following Jocelyn and Rupert on Instagram.

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