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Meet me on the Shores – Neighbourly Nanaimo

Meet me on the Shores – Neighbourly Nanaimo

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Desiree D


nanaimo sign Welcome to Nanaimo, “The Harbour City” and home of the beloved “Nanaimo bar”. There is plenty to enjoy, such as walking along the waterfront or searching the scenic sites around the city. Chessies will recognize many locations in Nanaimo, as scenes filmed here represented cities outside of Chesapeake Shores, including Nashville and Baltimore.

location of nanaimo on map

Where is Nanaimo?

Nanaimo is located along the eastern shore of Vancouver Island in the province of British Columbia. It is 113km north of Victoria and 37km southeast of Parksville.

 nanaimo bar

Where to begin?

Start navigating Nanaimo with a walk along the Waterfront. Watch the seaplanes land while enjoying a delicious Nanaimo bar, a locally made dessert available at many stores throughout the city. Make your way to Commercial Street to discover the many filming locations with your favourite characters, including the Trace Riley Band and the O’Briens.

commercial street
characters talking
nanaimo shoreline

gabriels cafe Commercial Street Sites to See

Gabriel’s Cafe

Located at 39a Commercial Street, Gabriel’s Cafe is an easy-to-spot exterior filming location. Known among locals for its delicious menu, it is a great place to stop for a bite while in the area. Trace and Leigh walked directly in front of Gabriel’s Cafe. The Cafe was seen in the background when Trace shook Donovan’s hand.

trace and leigh walking past gabriels cafe
trace shaking donovans hand

The Palace Hotel

Walk along Commercial Street to catch a glimpse of “The Palace Hotel”. The exterior of this historic building, a former hotel turned entertainment venue, may be recognized from scenes involving Nashville, featuring Trace and Leigh.

palace hotel
trace and leigh palace hotel

bestsellers bookstore sign Bestsellers Bookstore

Although this bookstore was not directly related to the filming of the series, they did have a variety of Chesapeake Shores books by Sherryl Woods in stock. The employees were friendly and shared a few stories about meeting some members of the cast and crew over the years. Bestsellers Bookstore can be found at 29 Commercial Street.

Modern Cafe

Located at 221 Commercial Street, the Modern Cafe, is easy to spot with its bold lettering. It can be seen in the background of this scene with Connor and Danielle in Baltimore.

Connor and Danielle infront of modern cafe
modern cafe

The Vault Cafe

Located at the end of Commercial Street at 499 Wallace Street, you will find The Vault Cafe. Its distinctive pink colour makes it easy to identify in Nanaimo, although you may not immediately recognize it in this scene with Trace and Leigh, due to its more subdued yellow hue.

Trace and Leigh
vault cafe

Queen’s Hotel

Located close to The Vault Café is the Queen’s Hotel, at 34 Victoria Crescent. Known as “The Palace Bar” in Nashville, the Queen’s Hotel is home to several scenes from Chesapeake Shores. If you love music from the Trace Riley Band, then the Queen’s Hotel is a must-stop on the way.

Trace Riley Band
queens hotel palace bar

The virtual tour of Chesapeake Shores filming locations on Vancouver Island will continue. Here’s a hint where the next blog will take you…