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Meet me on the Shores – Picturesque Parksville

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Desiree D


parksville sign As spring turns into summer and travel restrictions remain, a virtual adventure of Chesapeake Shores’ filming locations seems to be the perfect way for Chessies to plan their next vacation, post-pandemic. Just prior to the Season 4 Premiere last August, a couple of us enjoyed the beautiful ocean views and sandy shores as we rented a car and sought out many of the places where this beloved show was filmed.

location of parksville on map

Where is Parksville?
Parksville is located along the eastern shore of Vancouver Island in the province of British Columbia.

How to get there?
Finding your way to Parksville can take a direct route or become an adventure with a little creativity. Direct routes can include flying into Victoria or Nanaimo and renting a car. Indirect routes can include flying into Vancouver and taking a ferry (BC Ferries) or seaplane (Harbour Air) to the island. Have an extra travel day? Perhaps flying into Vancouver and finding yourself aboard a whale watching tour to Victoria, then renting a car would suit you best.

beach fence

Where to stay on the island?
When planning a trip that direction, car rental is essential. We recommend staying in Parksville, as this central spot offers plenty to explore and other locations are easily accessible.

Why a trip to the island?
Not only is it surreal to recognize the filming locations and enjoy stories from the locals, but the lasting effect of the beautiful views will leave you feeling more connected to the show and likely more rested too.

Parksville Chamber of Commerce

Parksville Chamber of Commerce
The Parksville Chamber of Commerce is our recommendation for your first stop. You will have a chance to speak with the welcoming folks who work there, as well as check out the pamphlets of information on activities in the area. It’s also valuable for them to know that you’ve chosen to travel to the island because of Chesapeake Shores.

Do you remember what scenes were located in Parksville?

“Chesapeake Shores Artwalk” was held at the waterfront Community Park.

waterfront Community Park
waterfront Community Park fence beach

The Artwalk showcased local talent and featured the Trace Riley Band. The waterfront community park is easily identified by a mountain backdrop and waterfront gazebo.

Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park

Rathtrevor Beach (search Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park) is known in the show as the O’Brien Family Trust. While you might not spot the exact filming location with the miles of shoreline and tons of trees, you will feel like you’re only moments away from meeting up with the O’Briens.

St. Anne’s Church
Nestled in the trees at 407 Wembley Road, St. Anne’s is one of Vancouver Island’s oldest churches. Captured in the background of this picture with Mick, St. Anne’s is another identifiable filming location and holds a special place for the O’Briens.

St. Anne’s Church yard
St. Anne’s Church building

If you’re looking to add on to your trip to the island, time it to include the Parksville Sand Sculpting Competition and Exhibition. This world class event draws exhibitors from all over the globe and you will find yourself in complete awe at their creations.

waterfront Community Park
waterfront Community Park fence beach
waterfront Community Park fence beach

These images are from the 2019 competition. Although this competition was not linked to the show, it was a wonderful addition to our time in Parksville.