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Looking Up with Genea Charpentier

Looking Up with Genea Charpentier

Thursday, February 28, 2019

BY Desiree D


From the moment that Laura Campbell joined the class in Hope Valley, she brought an artistic perspective to the town. As a little girl who accepted the limitations placed upon her by circumstance, Laura’s expectations about her life and future were low. With the help of Mrs. Thornton, Laura began to find herself through art, and like a little flower began to blossom.

Genea Charpentier is a polished, poised and professional young lady. Her ability to portray an array of emotions offers the audience an opportunity to connect with Laura’s situation in a heartfelt way. Genea warmly offered a closer look into her role as Laura and her aspirations for this character and her future.

SC: Who is the person that Laura looks up to the most in Hope Valley?

GC: I believe that Laura looks up to Mrs. Thornton the most. Laura lost her mother so having a woman to look up to for problems that arise is amazing for her. Mrs. Thornton also teaches Laura to explore her capabilities more and more.

SC: Are there any actors on When Calls the Heart that you would like to have a scene with, or have more scenes with?

GC: I would love to have more scenes with Pascale. I believe she brings out the comedic side in almost everyone she works with. She is extremely talented, and I would love to learn a few tricks from her. In addition to Pascale, I would love to work with Lori more as well. I believe Lori has so many elements to her character and I would also love to see how she incorporates them into her acting.

SC: You have had the opportunity to work with WCTH cast on other projects, such as Erin Krakow and Gracyn Shinyei. How is going to work different when you already know some of the cast on set?

GC: I feel as though I have grown up with this cast. Erin and I met on the set of a Hallmark Christmas movie called “Cookie Cutter Christmas” when I was only 10 and I have looked up to her ever since. Having someone you know and trust on set is wonderful as you can talk to them about almost anything. The same goes for Gracyn; we met very early on so she and I grew up together. She is basically like another sister to me. This makes being on set a lot of fun.

SC: Out of the seasons that you have been involved with When Calls the Heart, what was your favourite scene to film?

GC: There have been so many amazing scenes I had the chance to partake in. A lot of my favorite scenes appear in season 6, which I don’t want to spoil! But out of all the scenes I have filmed I think the New Year’s episode in season 3 was my favorite. I really saw a lot of development in my character in this episode/scene even though I had not been on the show for very long.

SC: What are your preferred types of scenes as an actress?

GC: I have always been into drama. I do however have a very comedic personality myself. I love portraying different roles in different genres because it gives me a chance to explore my acting capabilities and improve on them as well. Every film or show gives me a new experience and a new challenge, which is why I am in love with all genres!

SC: At HFR4 you answered a question about your dream job as an adult. Your aspirations include being part of the clothing and production team. You mentioned that you have a sewing machine and use it frequently. Can you share more about the types of items that you creating?

GC: Lately I’ve been using my sewing machine more and more. I first started sewing in grade 8 when I was 12. Since then I have made pants, sweatshirts, dresses and even a Brownie bear of my own! I have always loved the idea of clothing design, on screen and off screen. I genuinely love finding out about how the wardrobe team creates their ideas and make them come to life.

SC: What do you think are Laura’s strengths?

GC: I believe that Laura has a lot of hidden strengths. She has learned to communicate well, and she has always wanted to make others happy before herself. Laura is also very artistic, so that can mold into many different strengths as she gets older.

SC: If you could write Laura’s script for the next few seasons, what types of stories would you want for her future?

GC: If I could write Laura’s scripts, I would want her to go on so many adventures! Perhaps she will become a teaching assistant and follow alongside Mrs. Thornton’s footsteps. Perhaps she is taken under Abigail’s wing and learns how to run a town! I could also see Laura start a business in the future. Maybe an art gallery where she could teach all that are interested in how to draw and paint! I believe that the people of Hope Valley would enjoy that tremendously, as they could see the townsfolk’s art being stationed in one place. I see a lot of potential for Laura in Hope Valley and I am excited to see what the writers come up with if there are more seasons!!!

SC: What have you learned during the filming of Season 6 that helped you to grow as an actress?

GC: As an actress, new experiences are always amazing. We worked with a lot of new characters and animals this season and I loved being able to make connections with new people.

SC: If Laura could grant one wish to anyone in Hope Valley, who would she choose and what would the wish be?

GC: If Laura could grant any wish... I believe she wouldn’t choose just one person. She would want to grant everyone in Hope Valley their desired wishes and make them become reality. But if she was only given one, she would make sure that the one wish benefited everyone in Hope Valley equally.

SC: What was it like to know that Hearties from North America watched & live tweeted together during Season 5 and are doing the same for Season 6?

GC: It was amazing interacting with Hearties from around the country and even around the world. I love interacting with the fans and hearing their opinions and insights on what is happening throughout the season. Also being able to get feedback on your performance is always very beneficial. Season 6 also has many opportunities for live tweeting!!!!

SC: Is there anything else that you would like the Hearties to know about you or Laura?

GC: This season, I have learned so many new lessons. One of the most important lessons that I learned is to always have faith because even if things seem impossible, they can still happen.

I am so grateful for this role and for being able to bring Laura Campbell to life. When Calls the Heart has an amazing cast and crew and an incredible fan base which I am so happy to be a part of. I am very excited to see what When Calls the Heart has in store for the future if there are more seasons, and what new stories we will get to tell!!

SC: Can you share about any upcoming projects that we can keep an eye out for?

GC: I currently have another show going on, Amazon’s Man in the High Castle, which I am also very lucky to be a part of. Aside from that, a few things are up in the air, but I am excited to keep you all posted with my career to come.

SC: Genea is an accomplished young actress and it has been delightful to learn more about her. Her talent on screen draws audiences in to Laura's circumstances and tugs on the heartstrings. The premiere episode of season six demonstrated that there is hope in Hope Valley and things are looking up for Laura. While waiting to see what else is in store for Laura this season, connect with Genea on social media. She often live tweets and enjoys hearing from Hearties.

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