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Finding Home with Jaeda Lily Miller

Finding Home with Jaeda Lily Miller

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Desiree D


The classroom in Hope Valley has not been the same since the arrival of Allie Grant. Her mischievous ways and endless energy have brought new life to the school and the town. Hidden behind Allie’s cheerfulness and big smile is a difficult past that has slowly been revealed throughout the season. The young talent behind the endless expressions and range of emotion is Canadian actress, Jaeda Lily Miller.

With many credits to her name, Jaeda was quickly recognized and warmly welcomed by fans when her character was introduced. This animated young lady has brought hope, humour and healing through the stories of Allie, and Hearties look forward to seeing what will come next as this season progresses.

SC: When you first auditioned for When Calls the Heart, what excited you about the character of Allie Grant and joining the show?

JLM: I loved how she was so spunky and different. She sounded so fun to play and I was very excited to meet all the cast and crew working on the show.

SC: Portraying Allie has involved expressing a variety of emotions, such as when she faces leaving Hope Valley, pranking her classmates, and most recently with the appearance of her grandfather. Which scenes do you enjoy the most and which ones are more challenging for you?

JLM: I definitely enjoy the fun scenes where Allie does mischievous things. The hardest ones are the emotional ones, like when I thought I had to leave Hope Valley and when my Grandpa came. The emotion was definitely harder than just being fun Allie.

SC: Why do you think Allie has had a tougher time making friends in Hope Valley?

JLM: Because she doesn’t feel like she is going to stay in Hope Valley long, and she wasn’t really trying hard. She’s already lost people in her life, so I think she feels like when she tries to connect to someone, she’s going to lose them too.

SC: If Allie could grant her Uncle Nathan one wish, what do you think she would choose and why?

JLM: That’s hard. I don’t know... he’s kind of already got everything. I guess maybe giving him Elizabeth?

SC: It is often noted that Nathan is a wonderful parent and brings a lot of stability and support to Allie’s life. What do you think Allie brings to her uncle’s life?

JLM: I think she brings a sense of joy. He’d be a very lonely person if he didn’t have someone to look after. We come across obstacles together so definitely just being in his life makes him a better person, and this way he can laugh more too.

SC: Your friendship with Gracyn Shinyei began long before When Calls the Heart. Where did you meet?

JLM: We met at dance class. We were both three and went to the same studio. It sort of blossomed from there.

Gracyn on WCTH and Jaeda on Angels in the Snow

SC: Did you find it funny that you are best friends and have both played characters named Emily Montgomery? (Gracyn on WCTH and Jaeda on Angels in the Snow)

JLM: Ha, I never really thought of it, but that’s kind of cool. I guess Emily is a common name!

SC: A Cookie Cutter Christmas is also available on Super Channel Heart & Home. Was that your first time working with Gracyn, Erin and Genea?

JLM: Yes, it was. I didn’t get to work with Genea or Erin directly in that movie. That was my first time meeting Erin and I knew Genea as I worked with her sister Megan.

SC: If you had a scene with any When Calls the Heart cast member, who do you think you would have the most bloopers with? And why?

JLM: Probably Kadence. Me and her really connect a lot and we just can laugh at anything.

SC: In three words, how would you describe working with Kevin McGarry?

JLM: Outgoing, interesting, and amazing.

SC: Do we dare ask if you are Team Nathan or Team Lucas?

JLM: You can dare. I’m Team Nathan! No offense Chris/Lucas, but he’s my uncle. I feel like story lines could come out with me in them if Elizabeth goes with Nathan.

SC: What special skills do you have that Hearties might not know about you?

JLM: I play the drums. I can dance. I’m very competitive when it comes to board games.

SC: What would be your dream role? Where would you want to film?

JLM: I would want to be in Stranger Things, or a Marvel thing. I want to be in something with action but still fun too. And I’d like to film in Greece or somewhere in Europe. I know Stranger Things and Marvel don’t film there, but that’s just where I want to go.

SC: Can you share about any upcoming projects that we can keep an eye out for?

JLM: I do have a part in a cartoon called Starbeam which comes out April 3 on Netflix. I play a girl named Greta.

SC: Jaeda Lily Miller is just as warm and bubbly in real life as she is on screen. This delightful young lady is passionate about her work and brings depth to her character whether through humour or emotion. While waiting to see if Allie’s wishes for her life in Hope Valley are fulfilled, keep in touch with Jaeda on social media, as this talented actress is just getting started.

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