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Film & Fashion with Cindy Busby

Friday, December 14, 2018

BY Desiree D


You may find her on the back of a horse or overlooking breathtaking mountain views, but her Canadian talent and charm will transcend the screen. Whether portraying an antagonistic character or a country sweetheart, Cindy will draw you into the story and leave a lasting impression. She is a familiar face on Super Channel Heart & Home, with titles including Autumn Stables, Cedar Cove, Runaway Christmas Bride and When Calls the Heart. She graciously offered the chance to talk more about film, fashion and future projects, particularly her role in A Christmas in Royal Fashion.

SC: You have had an opportunity to work on several family-friendly shows/movies. What is the draw for you to take part in bringing these stories to our screens?

CB: Working on family friendly content wasn’t something I necessarily intended to do, but I guess it just happened and I’m very grateful that it did. What’s important to me is that I have such a wide demographic (young/old, female/male), who can come together and watch the projects I’ve been a part of and not worry about the content. I think that’s special.

SC: Can you describe Kristin Cooper, your character in A Christmas in Royal Fashion? What aspects of that character could you relate to?

CB: Kristin is the lead assistant to Melanie Charles, the head of Charles PR Global. She is a driven, eager, and hardworking lady with a big heart, who’s trying to make her mark and win Melanie’s approval. When the perfect opportunity comes along, she risks everything to do the ‘right thing’, but things don’t go exactly as planned. I can personally relate to her work ethic, perseverance, and integrity.

SC: Any fun facts that you can share about filming A Christmas in Royal Fashion?

CB: The movie was actually shot in Los Angeles. The ‘hotel’ in the movie is actually someone’s house on a hill overlooking the ocean. It was one of the most beautiful views. Diarmaid Murtagh is such a sweetheart and we laughed a lot on set.

SC: If you could keep the wardrobe from one project, which would you choose?

CB: That’s a tough one... because I’ve loved most things I’ve worn. Sometimes you love the costumes so much, but by the end of the shoot they just remind you of the character, so it’s weird to wear the clothes in real life, ya know. I’d probably say my outfits in “Royal Hearts”.

SC: Fans would note that you are active on social media. How has social media impacted you as an actress, or how has acting changed because of the influence of social media?

CB: My favourite part of social media is being able to interact with my fans. It’s a gift to be able to hear how much they’ve loved a project you were in and how it’s impacted their life. Ultimately the movies and television shows I do are for them, and that matters to me. For example, “Marring Mr Darcy” the sequel to “Unleashing Mr Darcy” was made because the fans asked for it consistently, and I know that that happens a lot with other projects. Opportunities can arise from social media engagement. As far as my personal life, I try to keep that as private as possible. At the end of the day it’s about the work and that’s what I’m advocating for.

SC: How do you find a balance between living in Los Angeles and filming in Canada?

CB: Getting to travel for work is so incredible and I love it, but sometimes getting to go home and sleep in your bed isn’t always an option. It’s kind of what you sign up for when you become an actor, you learn to be good at packing a suitcase quickly and living a nomadic lifestyle. I make a constant effort to stay in touch with the people that matter most to me and everyone is very understanding and supportive, which makes being away so much easier.

SC: Fans were excited to see you join the When Calls the Heart cast for a few episodes. Having worked on several different types of sets, what stood out to you about “Hope Valley” and being a period piece?

CB: What I love about When Calls the Heart’s Hope Valley is that it’s not a studio where they’ve built 4 walls in a big sound stage. You drive up to this gravel street on a plot of land with an entire village built to shoot period piece projects from the inside out. The costumes are also all tailored for your character by these very talented seamstresses. Once you head to set and see everyone’s looks come together it’s easy to imagine the given circumstances. I just loved it.

SC: You have filmed all over Canada, including B.C., ON and AB. Do you have a favourite filming location? Where in the world would be your dream location to film?

CB: Every city I’ve filmed in Canada has been so different and special because of the memories that go with the project, so they all hold a special place in my heart, but I’d probably say I’d love to work in Toronto again. I love that city and what it has to offer, but haven’t spent enough time there. My dream shooting location is either South Africa or Paris!

SC: We know that you are fluent in French. What other skills might viewers not know about you?

CB: That I’m a great cook (with or without a recipe).

SC: You have been cast as a bride in numerous movies. Do any of the wedding dresses stand out as a favourite?

CB: The wedding dresses I’ve worn on set haven’t quite felt like ‘Cindy Busby’, if you know what I mean, but I really loved the simple dress from “Marrying Mr Darcy” and the fun/short dress from “Heartland”.

SC: We recently watched Runaway Christmas Bride on SC Heart & Home. There were a lot of comedic lines in that movie. Do you prefer a comedic type of role or what role would play to your strengths or preference?

CB: Comedy has always been a love and a passion of mine, so anytime I can bring that into my work I do. Runaway Christmas Bride was so great because all the actors were incredible comedians, so we really played off of each other and improvised. I’d often have to bite my tongue so I wouldn’t mess up the take by laughing. Making people laugh on and off screen is so healing and it brings me great joy.

SC: Canadian viewers have been enjoying Cedar Cove as part of the SC Heart & Home schedule this year. What was most enjoyable or most challenging about playing Rebecca?

CB: Rebecca Jennings is, to this day, one of my favourite characters I’ve portrayed. The hardest part was making her a likeable ‘villain’, hahaha. She had so many sides to her and I wanted to make sure I made her into a well rounded person with motives, weaknesses, and strengths. The best part of working on Cedar Cove was the incredible people. Getting to work along side Andie MacDowell was a dream come true, and getting to work with my best friend, in real life, Sarah Smyth, I mean it doesn’t get better then that!

SC: SC Heart & Home subscribers adored Autumn Stables. The set looked breathtaking. What was your favourite aspect about that movie?

CB: Yes, the set was pure bliss. Everyday I had to pinch myself when I looked out of the set windows, and not to mention the dream team I got to collaborate with. I feel like Autumn Stables was kind of a gift to my Heartland fans too, that I knew they would love. Autumn’s story of healing, letting go, and finding courage was so beautiful to me and I know it’s something we can all relate to.

SC: What has it meant to you to know that Canadians have improved access to many of the shows/movies that you are a part of?

CB: It means the world to me! Many of my fans, family and friends live in Canada, so it’s nice for them to finally be able to view my projects. Heart and Home is doing something that I know many people have asked and waited for a long time.

SC: Can you share about any upcoming projects that viewers should keep an eye out for?

CB: I have several projects coming out but no air dates yet. One of which is a thriller and audiences will see me play something completely different, which I’m very excited about.

SC: It has been a joy to get to know more about Cindy. Not only is she a successful actress, but she also cares a lot about the fans who support her. While waiting to see more of Cindy on our screens, follow her on social media by visiting the links below. From Heartland to When Calls the Heart to Royal Hearts, it is all heart with Cindy Busby.

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