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Dove Collaboration

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Carole Henson & Shelley Page


Heart and Home has always been TV you can trust, with heartwarming, feel-good programs for the whole family. Now, we are proud to add another dimension to that commitment by introducing our collaboration with The Dove Foundation.

Incorporated in 1991 and based in Portland, Oregon, Dove is a not-for-profit organization that issues film reviews, ratings, and endorsements of movies it considers suitable for family audiences, based on Christian values.

We are pleased to have one of our own staff members now certified as an official Dove reviewer. Carole Henson, employed with Super Channel since its inception, has extensive experience in both program development and script analyses and has worked with Canadian producers from coast to coast. She is an advocate of wholesome family programming, making her an ideal person for this role, and she is continuously in contact with Dove executives to ensure her reviews are in compliance with the Christian values and standards the public expects to see on the website.

Heart & Home will now display the seal of approval for all ages, or for 12 and over, on many programs on our website. Viewers can click on the link, which will immediately lead to the full review on Dove’s website. Having easy access to this comprehensive information will ensure families can feel confident they are making the right decisions based on their own morals and principles.

Ratings are based on the positive measures of faith and integrity, and the negative measures of sexuality, language, violence, drugs, nudity and other, which covers disrespect for authority, lying, cheating, stealing, illegal activity, frightening scenes, demonic or similar reference, displaying immediately, the good, the bad and the ugly, allowing families to choose the right movies based on their particular tastes and sensitivities.

We truly hope this new feature will enhance your viewing experience. We want you to be completely comfortable and assured watching Heart & Home with everyone in your home. If you have any questions about Dove, feel free to contact us – we always love to hear feedback – because, after all, you’re the reason we’re here!