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Baby Jack Thornton: It Takes Two

Baby Jack Thornton: It Takes Two

Friday, July 5, 2019

BY Desiree D


From the opening scene with that sweet smile and those captivating blue eyes, social media began to buzz about baby Jack Thornton and the twin boys who portray him. Although small in stature, these adorable actors had an undeniably large presence in Season 6 of When Calls the Heart. Not only did they fill the Hearties with curiosity, excitement and affection, they also filled the social media feeds of fans and cast members alike with photos, stories and love. While these sweet boys are hitting their cues on screen, they were not quite ready for a full interview. Much to our delight, their wonderful mom Chelsi took the time to share more about Gunnar and Lincoln and their journey as baby Jack Thornton.

SC: How did you become involved with the film industry?

TT: There was a talent agency on social media that was seeking twins. I swear every single friend I had online was tagging me in their post, so I thought what the heck, let’s see what happens. Of course, after a week or two I didn’t think anything of it – until I got a call back saying we got the part for a Hallmark Channel series and we were asked to be a part of the whole season. This was a little overwhelming at first, but I wouldn’t take it back for anything. Seeing these two boys on tv is like no other – proud mommy moments!

SC: What has it been like adjusting to life as a set mom with twins?

TT: Myself and the twins only really experienced “on set life” for approx 4 months. It was hectic at times; a little chaotic; I was always exhausted, but in the end it was all worth it. I met such an amazing cast and crew and bonded closely with a few. We have missed being on set ever since season 6 wrapped.

SC: How old were the boys when you auditioned for When Calls the Heart?

TT: 4 months old

SC: How much time per day would you spend on set during filming?

TT: At the beginning of filming we were typically on set one to two days a week for four or five hours. Nearing the end, we were on set for full eight-hour days. The boys spent their time in their trailer napping and playing, while also building relationships with cast and crew.

SC: Who is older, Lincoln or Gunnar?

TT: Gunnar was my baby A; born first. Lincoln, Baby B came one minute later on February 19th, 2018.

SC: How are their personalities similar? How are they different?

TT: The boys are part and parcel, two peas in a pod. They do everything alike and everything together. They play hard, love hard and fight hard! As babies, Lincoln seemed to be the livelier one (always happy, always laughing), whereas Gunnar was more serious. Soon thereafter, a switch flipped, and it was the opposite. Now at 16 months old, Gunnar is as comical as ever, always making us laugh and Lincoln is as smart as can be.

SC: Do the twins prefer scenes with more action and interacting with people, or the quieter roles like sleeping?

TT: These boys are very active. Always on the go and keeping everybody on their toes. Getting them to sleep in some of their scenes proved to be a challenge sometimes. The scenes where they needed to be awake and alert they always were on point. Perhaps I may be a little biased, but they always knew where to look and when to give their cute little smiles. Haha.

SC: What has been the biggest surprise in being part of a show like When Calls the Heart?

TT: It definitely has to be the reaction from supporting friends and family, as well as the Hearties.

SC: Are there any upcoming projects that Gunnar & Lincoln will be a part of that Hearties can keep an eye out for?

TT: It is safe to say that the only projects the boys will be in, would be if we were called back to be a part of the When Calls the Heart family for future seasons. As you can imagine twins are a lot of work on top of my two older children and owning my own business. We are comfortable with the family of When Calls the Heart and do not foresee a future with anything other.

SC: Gunnar and Lincoln are not yet two years old and yet they have made their mark. Not only have these twin boys shared a role and flawlessly fit into the When Calls the Heart family, but they have also helped heal hearts and bring a new hope to Hope Valley in their role. While waiting to see if the Taylor Twins will return as baby Jack Thornton, Hearties can follow the many milestones and adventures on their Instagram account.

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