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Falling Skies | Season 5 Finale Marathon

August 30 starting at 9am ET on SC2

The end is near. Before the series finale of your favourite sci-fi series, watch the final season again. Don't miss the season 4 Marathon on August 29 starting at 9am ET on SC2.

Major Crimes | Season 4 Summer Series Finale Marathon

September 5 starting at 10:30am ET on SC1

The first half of Season 4 is about to end. But there's still time to enjoy the episodes one more time!

The Great Train Robbery | Finale Marathon

September 12 starting at 4:30pm ET on SC1

Cops and Criminals. Haven't seen the historical mini-series yet? Here's your chance to catch up!

Rizzoli & Isles | Season 6 Summer Series Finale Marathon

September 20 starting at 10am ET on SC1

Boston's Best are about to take a break. But before the Season 6 Summer Finale, watch our Marathon.

Survivor’s Remorse | Season 2 4-Episode Catch-up

September 20 starting at 7pm ET on SC2

Court Comedy. Haven't seen Season 2 yet? Don't drop the ball! Watch our 4-episode Catch Up!

Public Morals | 4-Episode Catch-up

September 27 starting at 1pm ET on SC2

Must-see new series. If you're behind on the gritty new crime drama, watch the first 4 episodes!