Feature Documentary Award

The Super Channel Feature Doc Award offers key backing to accessing the Hot Docs Forum which has critical market intelligence and prospects for documentary filmmakers. We are proud to be part of this award that enables feature documentary filmmakers, who need it the most, access to creative support and market opportunities.

Elizabeth Radshaw, Director of the Hot Docs Forum


  • Citizenship: The director and producer must be Canadian. If a production company is attached, that company must be Canadian. If a writer is attached, that writer must be Canadian.
    Exceptions will be made for official treaty co-productions, as required. The documentary must be eligible for CAVCO, or qualify as an official treaty co-production.
  • Documentary Credits: Both the director and producer must have at least one hour-long television documentary credit, and may not have more than one feature-length (75 minutes +) documentary credit. If a co-producer is attached, they must meet the same eligibility requirements regarding credits.
    • The director and producer may be the same person provided that this person meets the above eligibility requirements regarding credits in both the producer and director role.
  • Documentary Type: Docudramas, reality-type shows and mockumentaries will not be considered. Only feature-length documentaries will be considered.
  • Financing: The documentary may have already received funding, but first look rights for first window English Canadian broadcast must not have been granted. Any attached funders must agree to Super Channel receiving a "Developed in association with [logo]" credit.

Submission Requirements:

All submissions must be received through our online submissions portal, which is accessed through the Creative Awards Homepage.

A. Feature Documentary Award Checklist & Submission Form

Complete and save the PDF form with the filename: Your Project Title – Checklist and Submission Form

Development Budget, page 3. Explanatory Notes and Sample Budget. The Budget must indicate how the prize money will be spent in order to create the maximum benefit for the project. Each budget must total $3,000, and must include costs associated with bringing the team to the Hot Docs Forum (2012 Forum rates: $800/person + HST. 2013 rates subject to change). The teams will budget travel and accommodation costs as needed, understanding costs should be kept as low as possible. Once costs related to the Hot Docs Forum are deducted from the total $3,000 budget, the remainder must be used for the best advancement of the project.


Budget Item Costs Notes
HOT DOC FORUM (HDF) passes x 2 $1,908 2012 rate incl HST, subject to change
Travel to HDF (Montreal to Toronto) $300 Driving
Accommodation during HDF $0 Staying with friends
Trailer shoot/edit $600  
Research $300  
Creating one-sheet $150  
Total $3000  

Where line items in the budget would benefit from explanation, the producer should include notes on the budget in the space allowed for it (top of page 4) to enhance the jury’s understanding of the producer’s budgeting decisions. The effective use of the prize money will be a significant consideration as the winners are chosen. The funds required for the team or individual to attend the Hot Docs Forum will be held back until required for the purchase of passes and travel arrangements.

B. Additional Documents

The following required submission documents (found in the Checklist on page 1 of the Feature Documentary Checklist & Submission Form) must be combined into a SINGLE document in Word or PDF format with the filename Your Project Title – Submission Documents Checklist.

  • Outline or treatment: maximum 10 pages. These items should convey all elements listed in the synopsis description above, adding depth and detail to each. The outline or treatment should also convey the point of view, structure, visual style and intended market
  • Access Key to characters/rights clearances: 1/2 page detailing the filmmaker’s access to the key characters or other material elements. Please include the status of rights clearances
  • Team Bios: Bios for Producer(s) and Director (and for Writer and/or Co-Producer, if attached)
  • Company Profile for Production Companies: (if attached)
  • Statement of Intent: 1/2 page detailing how the applicant will use the Award to benefit their project
  • Cultural Diversity: 1/2 page
  • Visual Elements: Trailers or demos, if included, should be links

We prefer not to receive any visual elements via mail. If you must submit via mail, please indicate this in the comments section of the Creative Development Contact Form on the front page of the Creative Award, and a Super Channel Creative Development Executive will be in touch with you.

The deadline for Submissions has been extended to Monday, December 10, 2012 at 5 pm MST.